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New PlayStation console seemingly surfaces online

New PlayStation console seemingly surfaces online

A new PlayStation console is headed our way and it's not the one you think

Just when I’d finished telling myself I didn’t need another console in my life, rumours of a new PlayStation console appeared online and completely challenged my reasoning.

After the terrible news that a PlayStation exclusive's servers have been permanently shut down, seeing the news that a new bit of hardware is in the works surely softens that blow. What is more, this new console will reportedly be compatible with both PS4 and PS5 titles.

Seeing as we're hyped about PlayStation already, make sure you watch the Death Stranding 2: On the Beach trailer while you're here.

Right now, this console is supposedly in early development, meaning we won’t be seeing it on the market any time soon. Assuming the rumours regarding this piece of tech are actually true. Despite being excited about more ways to play, it isn’t Sony who’s announced this new device but YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead.

Not to cast aspersions towards the legitimacy of Tom’s, aka Moore’s Law is Dead, sources, but it’s fair to say that speculation fuels a lot of what’s discussed throughout the course of his video. However, as Sony gears up to tackle the output for the PlayStation 6, as hinted at by Hideo Kojima, it’s fair to assume that such a new device would be part of the PS6 family.

That’s right, this new “console” won’t be the PS6 itself but a handheld counterpart powered by AMD – the PS Vita 2, if you will. PlayStation hasn’t fared as well as its competitors when it comes to the handheld market, however, it’s fair to also say that the market has dramatically changed since the Steam Deck launched to rival Nintendo’s hold over that segment of the industry. Since then, countless handheld consoles have spawned, furthering the demand for high quality portal gaming.

“As someone who owned a PSP, I would really love to have [the] Vita 2. Also AMD lowkey will probably fix their mobile power draw issue because of this,” said one gamer at the prospect of this news, further reinforcing the idea that a Sony handheld is in demand.

Nonetheless, it’s whether such a move is in their wheelhouse given the obvious fact that PlayStation doesn’t really need a handheld option to dominate its competitors.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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