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Naughty Dog's next game doesn't sound like The Last of Us Part 3

Naughty Dog's next game doesn't sound like The Last of Us Part 3

What is Naughty Dog planning?

Over the years, Naughty Dog has become one of the most established developers in the video game industry and it’s always big news when its next game arrives, but a seemingly teased project doesn't sound much like The Last of Us Part III or Uncharted.

Long before Naughty Dog was known for the likes of the Uncharted and The Last of Us series, it was developing relatively unknown games for PC and the SEGA Mega Drive. Yet, its fortunes changed in a big way with the arrival of Crash Bandicoot for the original PlayStation in 1996.

Check out The Last of Us Part II trailer below!

Despite there being no announcement that we’ll be getting a new Uncharted game anytime soon (though I’m sure that time will come), Naughty Dog co-president Neill Druckmann has at least teased The Last of Us Part III. When the third entry in its Clicker-infested series will arrive, only time will tell.

Going by previous habits of Naughty Dog, I’d like to think that The Last of Us Part III will at least arrive towards the end of the PlayStation 5’s life cycle which will then likely result in a PlayStation 6 remaster. However, during a meeting for Sony’s Creative Entertainment vision, Druckmann teased that the studio's next game could “redefine mainstream perceptions of gaming” and it’s part of a long-term vision of where the studio “wants to be in 10 years, with an eye towards future technological advances.”

“I’ve been lucky to work on several dream projects and am currently excited about a new one, which is perhaps the most thrilling yet,” he explained. “There’s a growing appreciation for gaming that transcends all age groups, unlike when I was growing up.”

“This shift is highlighted by our venture into television with The Last of Us, which I hoped would bridge the gap between gamers and non-gamers. The show’s success has spotlighted gaming, illustrating the rich, immersive experiences it offers. This visibility excites me not only for our current project but for the broader potential of gaming to captivate a global audience.”

Druckmann continued: “I’m eager to see how this new game resonates, especially following the success of The Last of Us, as it could redefine mainstream perceptions of gaming,” and he went on to suggest that Naughty Dog has plans outside of its popular franchises and perhaps has a new IP in the works, which may have been teased since the release of The Last of Us in 2013.

“You have to take risks to find new ideas that connect with audiences, and even though Uncharted was a chart-topping success, it was important for our studio to innovate again with a new franchise like The Last of Us. Many companies would insist on sticking to profitable franchises, but SIE’s culture and philosophy empower us to pursue new ideas.”

Whatever it is that Naughty Dog has in the works, we can't wait to see it.

The Last of Us Part I and The Last of Us Part II are available now on PC and PlayStation.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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