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Horizon Zero Dawn developer teases multiple new games on the way

Horizon Zero Dawn developer teases multiple new games on the way

We spoke to Guerrilla Games studio director Jan-Bart Van Beek about the future of Horizon on the BAFTA Games Awards red carpet.

If you’re anything like me, I’m imagining that you’re itching to find out exactly what’s next for Aloy.

It’s been two years since the last major Horizon entry dropped in the form of Horizon Forbidden West.

That was followed by last year’s fantastic Burning Shores expansion. Set after the events of Forbidden West, Burning Shores introduced us to new companion and love interest Seyka, whilst also setting Aloy up on the path that’ll lead us into the next full mainline entry.

Guerrilla Games hasn’t exactly formally announced a third Horizon entry, but the story itself makes it clear that this is intended to be a trilogy.

There are, of course, also job ads at Guerrilla alluding to both a new mainline entry and a potential multiplayer project.

Well, we were on the red carpet at last night’s BAFTA Games Awards and had the opportunity to catch up with Guerrilla’s studio director Jan-Bart Van Beek about the franchise’s prosperous future.

If you haven’t yet played Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, you are missing out on an absolute treat.

While Burning Shores itself may not have nabbed any nominations, VR spin-off Horizon: Call of the Mountain did for Technical Achievement.

Aloy featured in the game but its story centred around the character of Ryas, and I was curious to hear whether it was likely that we’d see more of these spin-offs in the future, exploring new pockets of this incredible world.

“Oh, yes, definitely,” Jan-Bart said. “We want to find a whole bunch of different stories from around the Horizon universe.”

“And, of course, being able to make a VR game offers a literal different perspective but then you are also being able to play from a different character’s perspective, making it very interesting to explore a story without Aloy. Of course, she's still part of the game as well. You still get to meet her.”

As for what’s next for Aloy, Jan-Bart said, “We definitely want to continue Aloy’s story as well and we're very committed to that. We’re also going to be making some other games that we've already hinted at a little bit maybe. There's a lot more to come in the Horizon universe.”

“A potential multiplayer?” I posed.

“Maybe,” replied Jan-Bart with a sheepish grin. We can’t wait to hear more.

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