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New Horizon game using Unreal Engine 5, developer confirms

New Horizon game using Unreal Engine 5, developer confirms

The newest title was announced last week

LEGO Horizon Adventures is using Unreal Engine 5, it has been revealed in a new interview with a developer on the project.

The news was revealed in an interview with Famitsu, and was reported on by online outlet Tweakers. This will actually be the first time that a Horizon title has used Unreal Engine 5, as Horizon Forbidden West used the developer's own engine.

"This is a very exciting and unique opportunity to tag team Nintendo. We are humbled and humbled by Nintendo's acceptance of this project. Our main goal and objective in developing this game is to bring Horizon to a wider audience of game fans. We want to make the game accessible to a wider audience," Windeler said in an interview (per a translation by Famiboards).

Take a look at the trailer for the game below.

When Windeler was asked by the outlet about if there were any difficulties in developing a game for Nintendo Switch for the first time, the developer stated that: "Personally, it was my first time, but there were many staff members on the team who had experience developing for the Switch, so there were no special difficulties. Regardless of the hardware, we wanted to bring Horizon to as many people as possible, so we tried to keep the controls as simple as possible. In that sense, it may have been a first for us, but rather than calling it difficult, we took it as a positive opportunity and proceeded with development."

LEGO Horizon Adventures was first revealed last week as the opening reveal for Summer Game Fest, though several reports prior to that event had spoken about rumours flying around the industry that the game existed and would be revealed sooner rather than later. As previously mentioned, it's also the first Horizon title to be brought to Nintendo Switch, likely due to the family nature of the LEGO games.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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