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Gorgeous PlayStation handheld lets you play classic PS1 games on the go

Gorgeous PlayStation handheld lets you play classic PS1 games on the go

I want one

A hardware modder, YveltalGriffin has created a thing of beauty with their latest creation, a working PlayStation handheld using original components from the late 90’s PlayStation console.

You can follow the build through their Twitter thread, but to sum up, they wanted to create a handheld console using original parts from the retro console and they achieved this by folding the motherboard in half.

The newest 'handheld' from Sony was the PlayStation Portal, really more of a remote player

That’s right, they literally folded the motherboard ‘like a book’ in order to cram it inside a small shell. This made the board over half the size, but it ended up twice as thick.

Of course, this means the console cannot read CDs, so the modder instead uses an XStation emulator that reads disc files from an SD card.

Dubbed the ‘PS Hanami’ the console does feature some improvements using newer technology. There’s a scaler to improve picture quality, plus some “beefy stereo speakers.”

The console is shown to be running Final Fantasy VII, before scrolling further into the thread to see the Hanami opened up and they describe their work as “embracing the jank” due to most parts being stuck inside the case using a hot glue gun.

According to YveltalGriffin, the Hanami does feature controller rumble using motors pulled from the original controllers, however it doesn’t feature analogue sticks due to the build of the case.

Dispute the “jank” and the fact that it doesn’t really operate like a later model PlayStation, I love it. It’s a gorgeous little handheld that could fit into your pocket and it’s retro flair just makes it even more adorable.

If only Sony cared this much about the handheld market, eh? What I would give for a new Sony handheld that leaned into this retro style while delivering ‘new-gen’ performance. Surely it would sell like hotcakes?

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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