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God Of War 2 Unreal Engine 5 fan remake is so beautiful I could cry

God Of War 2 Unreal Engine 5 fan remake is so beautiful I could cry

BB (Before Boi)

At the risk of exposing myself as a fake fan or whatever, I have a confession to make: I never played a God Of War game before 2018.

I knew enough about Kratos and his tragic quest through friends and articles, but it wasn't until 2018's God Of War that I really came to love the character and engage with the series.

And yet, despite the 9/10 scores I so happily gave to both God Of War and God Of War: Ragnarök, I've never gone back to revisit the original trilogy.

I know I'm missing out on PlayStation history, and maybe one day I'll finally take the plunge. Heck, if we ever get an Unreal Engine remake for God Of War 2 on the same level as the one my YouTube algorithm just spat my way this morning, I'll be first in line.

Created by YouTuber and animator TeaserPlay, this God Of War 2 video gives us a glimpse of what an Unreal Engine 5 remake of the classic game could look like. Would you believe it looks absolutely breathtaking?

Take a look below!

One fan commented: "Man, you've officially accomplished what I've been dreaming about for years. I hope there is a remaster of this game."

Another added: "This is the only remake that I actually want! I hope we do get it someday, this game is a masterpiece."

The original God Of War games were markedly different, of course. Leaving aside the fact Kratos was younger, beardless, and much angrier, the OG trilogy favoured hack-and-slash action and screen-filling boss battles.

Were Sony ever to revisit those early games - and rumours suggest they intend to - I think it would be a disservice to move away from their faster pace. You could probably get away with losing the sex minigames though.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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