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Gamers still heartbroken over Star Wars 1313 cancellation

Gamers still heartbroken over Star Wars 1313 cancellation

Gamers come together to mourn the Star Wars 1313 cancellation

Over on Reddit, gamers are lining up to pour one out for cancelled games that had them hyped. In this industry, many announcements arrive with plenty of fanfare, and sadly many of them get cancelled leaving players upset. A comment with over 1.3K upvotes says "Star Wars 1313. I don't remember much about what it was supposed to be about other than it looked cool as hell."

It really did look cool as hell. However, it was a very dark and gritty game that was, at the time, rumoured to be R-rated, which doesn't fit the now Disney-owned brand. If ever there was an IP that could thrive as a bounty hunting adult title, it's Star Wars.

This sparked a mourning for many who dropped titles, some of which were very high profile. This included the infamous Silent Hills - a Silent Hill reboot with Hideo Kojima at the helm which actually received a playable demo called PT. A reply to this entry says "Hideo Kojima was about to make the most terrifying game of all time", while others express rage at Konami for cancelling the project.

Other notable games mentioned were Scalebound, which has a reply saying "we can't have any good dragon games." Then there's the always mentioned Half Life 3, though whether it's cancelled completely or just stuck in Valve development hell is another story.

Star Wars rears its head again with several people mentioning Star Wars: Battlefront 3. Rainbow Six Patriots comes up several times with many sad that it became Siege instead. Prey 2 is another, as well as StarCraft Ghost, both canned for the companies to go on and branch out in different ways.

One Redditor throws it back even further mentioning Earthbound 64 and bringing up the N64DD, the surprisingly cancelled CD drive that was meant to augment Nintendo's 64-bot cartridge system. When the DD was dropped, so were the dreams of a new Earthbound title.

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