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Days Gone developer teases new game

Days Gone developer teases new game

Could Deacon be making a comeback...?

The Days Gone devs are making a new game, and we’re not okay with the possibility that we might be getting a much-demanded sequel after all.

Could it really be happening, could this be the moment when confirmation of a new Days Gone game spreads like wildfire on the internet?

In honour of this new IP, let's throw it back to the Days Gone story trailer

You may recall that I’ve been harping on about Days Gone for some time now, mainly because the fans just won’t let the game rest with so much wasted potential left untapped. “Honestly, I thought Days Gone was a solid 8/10, it just happened to land in the middle of a string of 10/10 games that all the other studios were knocking out of the park,” explained one fan when.

Love or hate the game, it’s fair to say that it deserved the chance of a sequel.

Bend Studios might be correcting that faux par, with the developers revealing that it’s working on a new IP; naturally, fans are speculating that this “new” title is actually a Days Gone sequel. “Days Gone: The Air Fryer VR Simulator,” joked one gamer, clearly referencing the use of the word “cooking” by the devs.

It would definitely be a sight to see to watch Deacon battling it out with a zombie horde, before firing up the grill and making some gourmet meal. After all, fighting for your life is a hunger-inducing activity, and Deacon has really been fighting for his life – both on and off the screen.

Sadly, it looks as if Deacon won’t be showing off his culinary skills, nor will he be returning at all. At best, all the devs are doing is teasing us, with the new game likely to be completely separate from what’s gone before. But we live in hope. And, as one devoted fan said, “No Days Gone 2, no money from me.”

We’re not quite that steadfast in our loyalty, but we understand the sentiment.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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