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Days Gone 2 teased, it sounded like the perfect sequel

Days Gone 2 teased, it sounded like the perfect sequel

Days Gone's director has teased what a sequel could've looked like.

It’s abundantly clear that Days Gone isn’t getting a sequel and yet, the desire for one persists amongst the game’s fanbase.

It’s no secret that Days Gone generated a rather mixed response, resulting in a score of 71 over on Metacritic.

Whilst I’m sure Bend Studio was hoping and aiming for a tad higher, 71 is still a respectable score.

Reviewers praised the game’s open world and combat, with its dialogue and technical issues drawing the most criticism.

Time is a wonderful thing though. Days Gone has certainly developed a cult following in recent years, with the heat of the release period having died down tied with Days Gone’s availability on PlayStation Plus’ extra tier.

Whilst it may not be an industry-defining release, there’s still plenty of fun to be had in the game, but Sony still isn’t willing to greenlight a sequel.

Take a look at Days Gone in action below.

Days Gone 2 was, in fact, once in the works before it was cancelled by Sony, with the game’s director revealing that it could've been released in April 2023 had development continued.

To this day, fans continue to campaign for a sequel with one petition reaching over 20,000 signatures.

While I can’t provide any official updates, given that they’re non-existent, I can fill you in on what Days Gone 2 might’ve looked like.

Days Gone director Jeff Ross previously spoke to USA Today about the cancelled game: “We have to be able to crawl before you can walk, and walk before you can run,” Ross began.

“I just see that as a trilogy. First games – Batman: Arkham, the first Uncharted – are basic. They are a platform to build on top of for subsequent titles. And if you look at a game like Uncharted, you could surface swim in the first game. In the second or third game, you could go underwater. Then in the fourth game, you’re scuba diving underwater. They didn’t start with scuba diving, they built towards it.”

“That applies to every game. Horizon Forbidden West is going to have swimming underwater. It’s gonna have all the things that they probably wanted to do in the first game but just ran out of time. So you create the minimum viable entry and then hope you get to build the second one. Because you’re not arguing over the foundations, you’re arguing over the epic new ideas that you’re gonna be putting into it.”

It paints a promising picture for Days Gone 2, although one that won’t be realised.

Days Gone had the bones of a budding franchise, and it sounds as if Ross knew just what was needed to iron out its creases.

Well, if we cannot play Days Gone 2, this ‘what could’ve been’ will have to suffice.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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