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'Days Gone' Won't Get Sequel Despite Its Success, After Sony Turn Down Pitch

'Days Gone' Won't Get Sequel Despite Its Success, After Sony Turn Down Pitch

No more zombies, at least for now.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

It seems that Days Gone 2 isn't going to happen, sadly. The zombie apocalypse game had a sequel pitched to Sony, but the gaming giant turned it down after the first title didn't perform as planned. A new report confirms that although bugs were fixed and the game still has fans, it wasn't enough to get a second game rolling.

Bloomberg has released a new report that has taken a look at the internal triple-A forward processes at Sony. Right now the company is prioritising making games that they know will be a success in Western markets. That means that instead of making a Days Gone sequel, Sony has greenlit a remake of The Last of Us and yet another Uncharted game it seems.

Days Gone was by no means the best-liked PlayStation exclusive. While everyone looks forward to the sequel of Horizon Zero Dawn or begs for another Bloodborne title, Days Gone had a rocky launch and a mix of critical receptions. Since then, there are many who still say they really liked the game once bugs were fixed. However, rather than taking a chance on seeing if players would be interested in going back to the zombie apocalypse, funding has been pushed elsewhere.

This has caused concern internally at Sony. The company seems less willing to give new ideas and innovation a shot while they still have cheaper and safer ways to produce content that fans will surely buy into. That's why it's easier to remake The Last of Us (widely considered one of the best games of all time) for PlayStation 5, than it is to give a similar amount to a riskier project.

The development team for Days Gone did give a sequel a shot though - Bend Studio pitched a sequel in 2019 but the team were turned down. This isn't to say that later down the line a Days Gone sequel still might happen, though. If Sony is happy to take a couple of risks when the PlayStation 5 has a bigger library of exclusives and great games, it might be seen as profitable to come back to an IP that already has some foundations.

Featured Image Credit: Bend Studio

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