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Assassin's Creed meets Ghost Of Tsushima in stunning new open world game

Assassin's Creed meets Ghost Of Tsushima in stunning new open world game

New footage from TGS shows an amazing new open-world adventure, Where Winds Meet

There's a new game on the scene that you're definitely going to want to sit up and take notice of, especially if you're craving the next big open-world RPG.

A new martial arts adventure game has been debuted at TGS 2023. As showcased first on IGN, Where Winds Meet seems to be smashing together two brilliant inspirations, Assassin's Creed and Ghost of Tsushima.

The video demo is 18 minutes long and seems to showcase character customisation, combat, exploration and boss fights. Little is known about the game beyond the video and some notes from the developer.

Take a look at Where Winds Meet below!

Where Winds Meet takes place in a time of unrest. Players take control of a hero "forged in a time of chaos" and it seems our choice of how to play is a central mechanic as the developer states that players can "choose to be a doctor saving lives in the chaotic world, or a merchant accumulating wealth". Both of which sound intriguing and much more fun than playing as an "NPC traveling the ancient Kaifeng City".

There's no release window just yet, but we can start getting excited now. It seems this is an RPG is filled with places to visit, ways to play and different combat options. "Combat is a key part of Where Winds Meet, with Wuxia skills, attacks, and counter attacks playing a major role".

The video seems to show large, gorgeous environments where players can experience a sumptuous world. Much is promised of this fully living world as players "have complete freedom to explore and reveal the secrets and treasures hidden in Jianghu.

The successes of Assassin's Creed and Ghosts of Tsushima show that players are enjoying exploration through these 'living histories'. Exotic worlds that drag us from our every day lives and cast us out into worlds of legend, myth or sheer beauty, prove to be a wonderful escape. When paired with a truly free way to play and construct a character, Where Winds Meet could be onto a winner here.

Featured Image Credit: Everstone Studio

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