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The Legend of Zelda gets Unreal Engine remake you can download free now

The Legend of Zelda gets Unreal Engine remake you can download free now

It looks as good as new - better than new, even.

There's something about the classic Legend of Zelda we can’t say no to.

Whenever an opportunity comes to play some of the original titles, we can’t help ourselves.

Although some of the fandom has its sights set on a different iconic Legend of Zelda title intended to launch on the Nintendo Switch 2, our eyes are fixed on this Unreal Engine remake.

Unlike other Unreal Engine remakes that deliver only a glimpse of what could be, this remake is available for you to download and play for yourselves.

Watch The Legend of Zelda: Era of Decline trailer below.

As the creator, Lloyd Empty, explains in their YouTube video, this is a “beta” version of the project. As a result, alterations are likely and should be expected.

The Legend of Zelda: Era of Decline is a “UE4 Zelda top-down prototype game whose objective is to create a remake of Zelda on NES”.

“Once you have your sword in hand, go exploring to earn items, hearts and rupees, and scour the dungeons to find the fragments of the Triforce,” the brief game description reads.

Fans who’ve seen and/or played Era of Decline have complimented its creator for their passion for Zelda, especially its NES adventures.

“You can tell that you really like NES Zelda, this remake is made with a lot of love and skill,” one fan commented.

A different user said, “This looks really awesome; it has the same sense of mystery and excitement as the original, I hope I get to play this someday.”

For those wondering if this passion project runs as good as it looks, fear not, for many a satisfied customer have praised the beta.

“Thank you so much for this. I really enjoyed it. I'm working through LoZ on the Wii right now, and this was a real treat and a relief coming from that harsh world. You've put in a huge effort, clearly, into this passion project."

The Legend of Zelda: Era of Decline isn’t to be missed; download it today, for free, and experience some classic NES action.

Featured Image Credit: Lloyd Empty – YouTube

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