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Steam free games: PC gamers can grab 12 free games right now

Steam free games: PC gamers can grab 12 free games right now

PC gamers can grab 12 free games for free right now

Another week, another batch of free games available exclusively for PC gamers. You lot really do get the best of everything, don't you? Except for quality ports, I guess.

Anyway, this week PC gamers with a Steam account (so every PC gamer in existence) can download and keep 12 new free titles. Are these games all winners? Probably not. Are they worth checking out? Almost certainly. Because they are free. And we all know things that are free are infinitely better.

Without further ado, the 12 free games are:

  • The Karters 2: Turbo Charged Prologue - a gorgeous kart racer inspired by Crash Team Racing and Mario Kart. Genuinely looks like an awesome time.
  • Bingo Beavers - You... build a mansion for beavers by playing bingo? I told you they weren't all winners.
  • Mean Beans - A battle royale in which you play as a bean shooting other beans. Don't look at me like that, I didn't make it.
  • Worldwide Battle Royale - Another battle royale! This one promises "realistic maps and characters". It does not live up to that promise.
  • Astro Battlers TD - A lovely looking lane defense game with plenty of upgrades and branching strategies.
  • I, Toaster - An action rougelike where you play as a toaster and fight other robots, apparently. Cool.
  • Sefirot Shards - A collectible card RPG that actually looks pretty deep. Might be worth a look if you're into deck building games.
  • Unreal Strike - a moddable FPS with dynamic maps.
  • Forklift Racer - I probably don't need to explain this one to you, do I?
  • Land Above Sea Below Prologue - a stunning-looking strategy game where you have to try and build an island while staying above sea level.
  • Surface Runner - A "narrative driven platformer" with mixed reviews.
  • Gobbo's Gambit - A fantasy dungeon crawler with some nice PS1 vibes.

So there you go. You wanted the free games, I gave you the free games. What you do with this information from here is up to you, but please don't blame me if you end up downloading Mean Beans and find out it's actually the greatest game ever made.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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