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Stardew Valley: Distant Lands is a free supernatural expansion, download now

Stardew Valley: Distant Lands is a free supernatural expansion, download now

Get out of my swamp!

There should be a rule that says everything is better when it’s a little spooky. It’s just plain fact. Make something a bit ghostly and it’s instantly better.

At least, that’s what has happened here, with the new Distant Lands mod for Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley could keep cosy gamers busy for thousands of hours if they embrace mods.

Distant Lands is a mod made by Aimon111 and it aims to overhaul a particular section of the map, the witch swamp.

It seems that the base version of the swamp just wasn’t doing it and so this modder has gone in and revamped it, making it more than a place to go fishing.

Of course, the fishing is still there and, in fact, there are four new fish to catch. However, there are also a few new crops, six new crafting and cooking recipes, plus the whole area has been given recolours for the changing seasons.

Perhaps best of all, there are a bunch of new quests and an NPC to discover, and it’s a goblin. A pretty cute lil’ goblin called Zic.

It seems the mod is compatible with plenty of other creations, but it’s worth checking out the mod page to make sure it won’t break anything else you have installed.

Distant Lands is a simple mod that doesn’t go overboard with changes, though the creator is planning on adding in more quests and NPC interactions as time goes on.

As a little add-on for your game, this seems like the perfect addition, especially if you like things on the spooky side, as what’s more spooky than a swamp with a goblin living in it?

All in all, it’s all very cute and will improve your swampy experience while out fishing, so why not consider adding this to your game by following the simple instructions?

There are so many amazing mods out there for Stardew Valley that you’ll never have to stop playing.

Featured Image Credit: Concerned Ape, Aimon111 via NexusMods

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