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Pokémon MythicSilver is finally taking us back to Johto

Pokémon MythicSilver is finally taking us back to Johto

We never thought we'd return

Pokémon SoulSilver – and HeartGold – are, arguably, two of the greatest adventures in the franchise.

Yet, one could say they could be enhanced even further to create the ultimate Pokémon experience.

I’ve held SoulSilver in high regard ever since I played it, and as such, the idea it can be made better seemed ludicrous to me.

However, I have to concede that Pokémon MythicSilver achieves just that.

Players return to Johto, but not as we know it. As its creator, SauceyaTTa, explains, “Pokémon MythicSilver is an enormous overhaul to the Johto region, including a completely new story.”

How incredible does Pokémon MythicSilver look? We've waited for so long to return to Johto...

What is more, there’s “new maps, new sprites, new music (from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Platinum and more), new trainers, new gen Pokémon, and new battle modifiers.”

This project is large on scale. No, enormous.

Fans of the Nintendo original are already fawning over what SauceyaTTa has achieved. “This looks amazing, can't wait to try it out!” posted Redditor Mastersheep8.

Despite Pokémon MythicSilver being in its beta phase, the story is “complete”. Furthermore, it’s “about as long as a normal game”. This is fantastic news for those who want to play right now.

The fandom has waited for what feels like a lifetime for such a game to be made. As a result, we’re almost too nervous to believe it’s real.

“No f**king way, am I dreaming??” asked Redo-Master. No, you’re not; this is real, very real.

Over “600+ hours” have been dedicated to this labour of love, and as such, it’s only fair we lavish it with the attention it deserves.

Maybe you never thought you’d return to Johto, and definitely not like this. But with no sign of an official remake or a simple port to the Nintendo Switch, we’re left with no other options.

Thank goodness the fandom is picking up the slack and making dreams come true.

For those interested in playing Pokémon MythicSilver, a link to download it is provided in the original Reddit post.

Featured Image Credit: InsipidAxiom – Reddit

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