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PlayStation 5's most beautiful game is finally hitting Steam

PlayStation 5's most beautiful game is finally hitting Steam

PC players rejoice!

One of the most beautiful games ever is coming to Steam. Until now it has been a PlayStation 5 exclusive and PC players have been begging for a release. Well, fret no more, it’s coming. Horizon Forbidden West is coming to Steam on 21 March and will be playable with unlocked framerates, as well as DLSS 3 upscaling.

It’s been a long time coming. Horizon Forbidden West was released for PlayStation 5 two years ago and since then PC players have been very vocal about wanting the game to follow its predecessor and make the jump to Steam.

Horizon Forbidden West is on its way to PC soon

The game will arrive with the sole DLC pack, Burning Shores, about which our Kate said “All in all, Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores is a must-play. This isn’t simply ‘more of the same’. It’s a true elevation of everything that made Forbidden West great, against a backdrop of the franchise’s best storytelling to date.”

This version of Horizon Forbidden West will offer more than just extra frames; players can expect lots of shiny options from both Nvidia and AMD to make the game look even prettier; there will also be support for ultra-wide monitors and DualSense controllers, giving PC players those wonderful haptic feelings.

Whether the game works on portable PC handhelds such as the Steam Deck is yet to be seen, but just having the option to play in this way is welcome. I for one welcome the many screenshots we’re sure to get when someone running a 4090 cranks it up to 11 and we get some gorgeous views. Imagine that world running on a beast PC, it’s going to be a thing of beauty.

Of course, if you still haven’t played this or the original Horizon Zero Dawn, you can play them for free on PS5 as a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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