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Hogwarts Legacy 'photorealistic' graphics overhaul has my PC begging for mercy

Hogwarts Legacy 'photorealistic' graphics overhaul has my PC begging for mercy

One Hogwarts Legacy fan has imagined what a photorealistic overhaul of the game might look like.

It’s set to be an exciting year for Hogwarts Legacy. We already knew that the PlayStation-exclusive Haunted Hogsmeade quest would be launching on other platforms but devs have since confirmed that a number of new content updates and features will soon arrive in the main game.

Fans are understandably disappointed that despite the PlayStation quest exclusivity window ending this month, the DLC is not set to launch on other platforms until this summer. As for what those other “features” might be, well, we’re in the dark for now. Fans are certainly hoping to see some kind of companion system added, particularly given that it’s a feature devs were originally working on. Hogwarts Legacy is certainly in need of something to draw players back in. It’s no secret that its open world’s caves and ruins quickly turn rather repetitive.

While we wait to see what’s in store, one fan has taken it upon themselves to give the game a boost, providing it with a photorealistic overhaul that is very easy on the eyes.

Enjoy a tour of Hogwarts’ four house common rooms below.

The project is the work of Reddit user khent_design_art who posted the project to the site with the title, “If Hogwarts Legacy was photorealistic”. The accompanying video largely showcased an overhauled Hogsmeade, including iconic locations like Honeydukes. Inside that particular shop, the sweetie jars looked crystal clear, each packed with thousands of tasty treats. On the approach to Hogsmeade, the brick, stone, and shale used to build the locale felt more nuanced textured, certainly achieving that sense of realism. Take a look at the video below.

We don’t know exactly what software khent_design_art used to create the project but it certainly left fellow fans impressed, with many wondering if a PC could even run such a version of the game. “I can feel the CPU crying out in pain from seeing this,” joked Aquos18. “I think my poor PC already started sweating profusely just from me watching this video,” added gna149.

“These look fantastic,” another comment read, while one optimistic gamer said, “Maybe one day with Unreal Engine 6.” Photorealism is by no means the pinnacle to reach in gaming but there’s no denying that it is very lovely indeed to wistfully spend a few hours in such impressive virtual vistas.

Featured Image Credit: khent_design_art via Reddit

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