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Halo: Combat Evolved already has a massive remaster that you probably missed

Halo: Combat Evolved already has a massive remaster that you probably missed

Master Chief is back in one heck of a remaster

Enhance your Halo: Combat Evolved experience with this glorious remaster you’ve likely not heard of, or, if you have, you’ve probably overlooked it.

It may not be the best Halo game in the franchise, but many of its players consider Halo: Combat Evolved one of the better games from the series.

Still, there’s no harm in giving the experience a much-needed boost, which is what this chunky remaster intends to do.

‘Ruby's REBALANCED Halo Combat Evolved’ doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue when saying it out loud, but that matters little when it delivers such a thorough overhaul.

This Halo: Combat Evolved remaster is a must play!

As its creator RubyofBlue explains, this is “a campaign overhaul which refines the sandbox, expands encounter and level design, provides extra polish in every area, and restores loads of cut content.”

Every aspect of its creation is designed to “flesh out the game’s potential”, and by the looks of things, they’ve achieved what they set out to do.

Both on NexusMods and YouTube, fans who’ve played this PC remaster commend it for the way it makes previously unplayable elements of the game playable.

User @redielg said, “You made the flamethrower, fuel rod gun, sword, and wraith usable in campaign. Bruh. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.” They went on, “The added encounters and layout changes are awesome. [I’m] completely in love with this mod.”

Another user, this time on NexusMods, commented, “The best version of Halo Combat Evolved by far [...] I really enjoyed the game, especially the second half which I was not expecting. This rebalanced mod is now my personal favourite.”

Having “rectified” a “great sin”, players are now more willing than ever to return to this popular Xbox title – and it’s not like they struggled to find motivation before this mod existed.

Despite being such a massive project, this remaster is completely free; so, what are you waiting for? It’s time to beat back those Covenant forces once more with feeling.

Featured Image Credit: Ruby of Blue – NexusMods

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