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GTA 6 be damned, this Bully Unreal Engine 5 remake is what we want

GTA 6 be damned, this Bully Unreal Engine 5 remake is what we want

GTA 6 who?

Everyone is talking about GTA VI, but where’s the conversation about this Bully remake?

Rockstar Games has confirmed that Bully is returning to us, but there's no fixed deadline of when that’ll be.

Still, while this is wondrous news, we must wait for that to happen, which we can all agree is no fun.

While Rockstar takes its sweet time – much like it’s done with GTA VI – we have an Unreal Engine remake concept for Bully that we can lovingly watch and rewatch while we wait.

This Bully remake is stunning

“Someone show this to Rockstar,” implored one YouTuber after watching the concept showcase.

Further down the comments, someone remarked, “This is beautiful [...] it's one of the best classic Rockstar games. I really hope they see this and strive to be better with their remakes in the future.”

We admit, while the graphics of this project are beautiful to behold, there are some areas that need polishing up to give it that professional look.

“The environments look really great! The facial and body animations need work, but the actual look of everything is really well made!” pointed out another fan.

Nonetheless, we can’t help but ignore GTA VI and focus all our attention on this stunner of a remake.

At least with GTA, we know it’s coming, albeit possibly later than we expected if the 2026 delay rumours are to be believed.

Even if they’re not, the latest Rockstar announcement left GTA fans heartbroken, their clown makeup running down their tear-stained faces.

The Bully remake may not be playable, but it gives us hope we can hold onto while the storm rages all around us.

With the goalposts for the official remake not even on the field yet, and the GTA ones constantly moving, excuse us while we watch this concept showcase for the umpteenth time.

Featured Image Credit: TeaserPlay – YouTube

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