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GTA 5 multiplayer expansion lets you play the story mode with friends

GTA 5 multiplayer expansion lets you play the story mode with friends

It's time to have some real fun!

Sometimes, you just want to be able to play GTA V with friends. I don’t know who these people are, but they’re out there.

If you’ve been praying for Rockstar Games to introduce a multiplayer option to GTA V's story mode, only to be disappointed by no such update being announced, there’s a fan-made expansion you need to try.

NexusMods’ ‘RAGECOOP-V’ “brings multiplayer experience to the story mode; you can complete missions together with your friends, use mods without any restriction/getting banned, or just mess around with them.”

We can't help but wonder what features GTA VI will include upon launch

Basically, be as messy and chaotic as you like, my friends.

Originally created by EntenKoeniq, the mod has sincebeen “reworked” and updated by Sardelka9515, who now maintains the expansion.

The features included in this mod are as follows:

  • Synchronised bullets
  • Synchronised vehicle/player/NPC
  • Synchronised projectiles
  • Simple ragdoll sync
  • Decent compatibility with other mods, set up a private modded server to have some fun!
  • Weaponised vehicle sync (WIP)
  • Optimisation for high-Ping condition, play with friends around the world!
  • Powerful scripting API and resource system, easily add multiplayer functionality to your mod

Much of GTA V is so well known to us, we could quote it in our sleep. However, with mods like this one, and after the quiet confirmation of which ending is “canon” in GTA V, Rockstar’s title can still surprise us.

All eyes may be on the future of the franchise, especially since GTA VII has been confirmed before we’ve even played GTA VI. Feels a bit like putting the cart before the horse, but we love GTA, so we’ll endure the weird way Rockstar does things.

Michael, Trevor, and Franklin’s story need not be over yet; if you want to cause mayhem with them, and bring some friends along for the ride, ‘RAGECOOP-V’ is the way to do it.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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