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Forget Pokémon, a Palworld Digimon mod is now available

Forget Pokémon, a Palworld Digimon mod is now available

We don't need to 'Catch 'em All'

Forget the Pokémon mod for Palworld that caught the attention of Nintendo and Game Freak, we don’t need Pokémon anymore, not now that we have Digimon.

Well, one Digimon. The whole debacle of putting Pokémon into Palworld was never going to last once Nintendo’s lawyers caught wind of it. But, Pokémon isn’t the only creature collecting game from our youth. Instead of putting Pikachu into Palworld, one modder has instead replaced Eikthyrdeer with Garurumon.

Is there any slowing down for Palworld?

You can find the mod over on Nexusmods - because they felt a little safer hosting this one - and it will replace the large deer Pal with Garurumon. What I want to know is, will this mean more to come in the future? The mod only replaces this one Pal, but there are so many opportunities to push the envelope further. Of course, the modder may get struck with a DMCA from Bandai Namco, so perhaps they don’t want to put in work only to see it struck down.

Palworld, unsurprisingly, isn’t slowing down. The game has now surpassed 19 million players across Steam and Xbox and the developers have partnered directly with Microsoft in order to bring the best updates and support to players. While the game has been popping off over on Steam, Palworld also became the biggest third-party Game Pass launch for Xbox. It’s hard to see Palworld going anywhere but up, despite what some may feel about the game and its relation to the Pokémon franchise.

From the mods we’ve seen so far, this one included, it’s obvious fans want more from creature collecting games. Palworld has seen great success for many reasons, among them being the large open-world, multiplayer potential, and a shrewd sense of humour. Until another company stands up and breaks away from the old formula, Palworld will keep on trucking.

Featured Image Credit: FrancisLouis via NexusMods, Toei Animation

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