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Flappy Bird has been remade in Unreal Engine 5, god help us all

Flappy Bird has been remade in Unreal Engine 5, god help us all

The memories this has triggered are overpowering

I hoped I’d never have to see that face again. But when has life ever listened to the pleas we whisper in the night? Yes, my friends, Flappy Bird is back in a triumphant return we didn’t see coming.

For anyone too young to remember the hype surrounding the Flappy Bird app, you’re lucky, for there are those of us who still remember the frustration and pain this simple game caused. It was popular because of that pain, with people eager to beat it.

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Yet, we flew too close to the sun, with Flappy Bird forever removed from the app store because of our greed. And while we mourned, we were grateful to be released from its hold. But now it returns to us, renewed thanks to Unreal Engine 5, and we’re not sure if we’re impressed or disappointed. Maybe it's a mix of both.

As amazing as it looks – full props to the modder Zaidaoodo for their hard work – it’s a game I won’t be trying for myself. Mainly because the original’s scars still linger. However, if you want to fly back into the world of Flappy Bird, you can do so with ease as this mod is available to download.

Unfortunately, it’s behind a paywall, meaning you will have to spend a little bit of cash to be reunited with this infuriating yellow bird. Given how hard the modder has worked, though, paying a fee to thank them for their creation is hardly unreasonable.

Unreal Engine Flappy Bird looks so great that people are confused as to why it hasn’t gained more attention. “Bro.... how is this not viral yet????????” asked one person, their excessive use of question marks emphasising just how shocked and appalled they are.

Hopefully, this mod will get the recognition it deserves, though we hope it doesn’t come at the cost of Flappy Bird making an even bigger, more official comeback.

Featured Image Credit: Zaidadoo via YouTube, Nicklelodeon

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