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Far Cry 5 Redemption is a new experience you can download free now

Far Cry 5 Redemption is a new experience you can download free now

Find redemption with this new expansion

If you’re looking to return to Far Cry 5, we suggest you check out this free download before you begin.

The Far Cry franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary, so we suspect all of you will be wanting to play as many of the games as possible to mark the occasion. And if not, why not?

We won’t judge your choices here; however, if you’re going to replay Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5, it makes sense to check out 'Far Cry 5 Redemption’ first.

Available via NexusMods, this JRavens download “adjusts the Resistance Point (RP) awards to allow the player more control over how the story proceeds (and prevent missed quests).”

Watch the Far Cry 5 trailer below

Furthermore, it “enables some enemy spawns to continue after all regions are liberated. Also includes some minor quality of life improvements.”

It’s the mod equivalent to a jack of all trades.

Before you download this mod, though, make sure you’re playing an official copy of Far Cry 5, as this mod won’t work otherwise.

Those who’ve already tried the download are extremely satisfied with their experience. “MASSIVE improvement over the base game,” commented NexusMods user GrimmSMILES.

“With the mod, the world feels much more alive and you're less of a terminator dismantling Eden's Gate within hours [...] Well done.”

Another fan said, “Really late to the party, but an absolutely fantastic mod! Biggest gripe I had with FC5 was how quickly you levelled up each region, it was such a waste. This really makes things feel balanced, thank you!”

If you find this mod lacking, there’s this Far Cry 4 mod that introduces a hard mode you might want to check out instead. Just prepare to be challenged a lot.

We’re not quite sure what’ll happen in the next Far Cry game yet. Still, while we wait, we can enjoy the classics from the franchise with a few extras thrown in.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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