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Fallout: Nuevo Mexico development update leaves fans heartbroken

Fallout: Nuevo Mexico development update leaves fans heartbroken

No, say it ain't so!

A couple of minutes of silence isn’t nearly long enough to convey the sense of loss Fallout fans are currently feeling.

If you thought it was gutting to receive such a disappointing update about a Fallout 3 remake, this news will absolutely devastate you.

Back in March, we brought to your attention Fallout: Nuevo Mexico, a massive expansion that plays like a whole new game. Fans were excited, we were excited... and then the worst happened.

The lead developer stepped back from the project.

We could have had something amazing with Fallout: Nuevo Mexico

Clues that something was amiss were many, as the mods’ YouTube channel suddenly lost most of its content, while Discord channels mysteriously disappeared elsewhere.

On Reddit, fans flocked to ask, “what happened to Fallout: Nuevo Mexico?”

The only answer that came their way was from someone who claimed to be one of the voice actors; they said, “As someone who was a part of the team as a VA, no clue. Everything just sorta disappeared overnight.”

Finally, though, we have answers. As reported by VG247, the developers broke their silence to reveal that the project has been on hold due to an invaluable member deciding to “step back”.

“I wanted to share an update about [Nuevo Mexico project lead] Zapshock and the mod project Fallout: Nuevo México," the statement reads.

"The project has been on hold for some time, and Zapshock has decided to step back from active participation in the community. For now, Zapshock won't be available on Discord or any social media platforms."

Nowhere does this Discord post say that the project has been cancelled. However, while other members of the team are still there, we have no idea what state the expansion is in.

Given how abrupt this departure was, it’s understandable that the team is struggling to find their footing as they attempt to move forward.

We hope this suspension of work doesn’t last much longer, however, we’ll be quietly keeping our hopes low now that we’ve learnt of this dramatic behind the scenes change.

Featured Image Credit: Fallout: Nuevo Mexico - YouTube

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