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Fallout fans impressed by 'next-gen' graphics, teasing the franchise's future

Fallout fans impressed by 'next-gen' graphics, teasing the franchise's future

Fallout has never looked this beautiful

Fallout’s future is a bright one, and not just because more nukes will drop in game.

A fan of the Bethesda franchise has given us a beautiful glimpse of the future, in which next-gen graphics turn Fallout into a stunning visual delight despite all the blood, guts, and bombs.

On the FalloutMods subreddit, TranslucentOwO shared a video of how Fallout 5 might look.

Time for the big questions: who would the Fallout cast snog, marry, irradiate?

“Did I hear someone say next gen? [Fallout 4],” reads the simple caption, with the video left to do all the talking.

The responses range from jokes about how the OP’s PC must be screaming, alongside praise for just how impressive this looks.

As one fan remarked, “Way better than the actual next-gen update.”

Bethesda has been lovingly tending to its game ever since Amazon made Fallout popular again. Unfortunately, this has led to fans begging the publisher to stop breaking its games.

What’s amazing about the OP’s modded graphics is the fact that they’re using “900 plus mods” to get the results. Yes, we’re serious.

“I am playing with 900 plus mods at 1440p with ENB and Reshade active. The fps sits in the 50s and drops down into the 40s,” they explained.

Of course, that wasn’t what fans focused on – it was all those mods.

“’900 mods’, I literally laughed out loud at this, holy sh*t lmao. I struggle with load order as soon as I hit double digits,” joked Redditor Professional-Bee4088.

We agree with them, that’s a lot of mods to be working with all at once. Yet, the OP makes it look easy.

For those wanting to achieve similar visuals when playing Fallout 4 on their PC, here’s a mod list for you to peruse at your leisure.

Even if you can’t replicate this without your hardware exploding from the strain, at least you can gaze starry eyed at what could be, and hope for it to become reality in the future.

Featured Image Credit: TranslucentOwO – Reddit, Bethesda Softworks

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