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Fallout meets Days Gone in awesome new zombie FPS

Fallout meets Days Gone in awesome new zombie FPS

This Fallout meets Days Gone game is one you won't want to miss, and its playable for free right now

If you’re still reeling from the brutal disappointment that we’ll likely get no more Days Gone games, fear not, there are plenty of other games worth playing.

When talking about underrated games, it’s hard to not bring up Days Gone. The PlayStation exclusive zombie game was the perfect blend of Left 4 Dead and Sons Of Anarchy where you tear through the game on a motorcycle whilst pursued by a horde of hungry undead.

Check out Days Gone below

Despite being a beloved title by fans it unfortunately won’t be getting a sequel, despite thousands of signatures demanding one, as the developer is moving on to new projects outside the Days Gone world.

Don’t worry though, for those looking for another terrific survival game to play this year let me direct your attention to Toxic Commando, a co-op FPS brought to you by the legendary John Carpenter.

Before getting into what the game is all about, it’s important to mention you can play it for free as part of a closed beta if you act fast. Sign-ups are happening right now at this link, and there will likely be a limited number of spaces so get going if you’re interested.

Toxic Commando will be coming to PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms, where players will be introduced to the Sludge God, an eldritch horror that’s morphed the world into a post-apocalyptic horror, hence the Fallout vibes. Playing in a team, you’ll be tasked with shooting, stabbing and blowing up whatever monster crosses your path in an attempt to save the world from devastation, all while enjoying the 80s cinema-inspired vibes of John Carpenter films.

It sounds like it’ll be a blast to play with friends, which is all the more reason to sign up to the closed beta and give your thoughts on what’s good and bad about the game.

A release date for Toxic Commando hasn’t been shared at the time of writing, though it is confirmed to launch sometime this year for the aforementioned platforms.

Featured Image Credit: Focus Entertainment

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