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Fallout 4 just fixed one of its worst features

Fallout 4 just fixed one of its worst features

It's finally time for your settlers to pull their weight

Building settlements is a pretty pivotal part of playing Fallout 4, but if it’s something that feels more a chore to you than an enjoyable task, you may want to check out this handy mod.

Created by NexusMods user WhiskyTangoFawks, ‘Settler Built Settlements’ alters the game so that your settlers can build a settlement themselves.

Perfect for those of us that are, well, lazy.

“Do you ever just wish that your settlers could manage their own s**t? Why is it that you, the sole survivor, are the only one capable of dragging a pillow and a dirty mattress over? Or planting crops? Or patching a wall? Are you tired of building up every settlement piece by piece, and just want to not be bothered with the details anymore?” the description asks.

“Settler Built Settlements is a simple, immersive answer to all of those questions. All you need to do is build the Settlement Building Supplies(tm) in the crafting menu, leave (far enough away for the cell to unload), and the next time you return to the settlement your settlers will have built themselves some homes, crops, maybe even some defenses. All without you having to lift a finger.”

That sounds pretty good to me.

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WhiskyTangoFawks has converted builds for 19 settlements with around a quarter of the required items for the build included in each one.

To get your settlers to work, as explained by WhiskyTangoFawks, simply craft the remaining supplies you need in the new Settlement Building Supplies category from the Workshop menu then “travel far enough away for the cell to unload”.

When you return, just like magic, the settlement should be built.

The mod is totally free to download from NexusMods but, of course, you will need to be playing Fallout 4 on PC.

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Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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