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Fallout 4 players unearth fun location most of us will have missed

Fallout 4 players unearth fun location most of us will have missed

It's well worth checking out

If you’re yet to dive into Prime Video’s Fallout TV series, it’s not too late. In fact, I’d urge you to give it a watch as soon as possible.

The initial heat may have simmered following Fallout’s debut but with a second season already confirmed to be on the way, there’s still every reason to get caught up.

If you have seen the show, I’m going to guess that it left you with the urge to revisit one of Bethesda’s Fallout games, whether that be as a new or returning player.

It’s no surprise really that in the days following the TV show’s premiere, Bethesda announced that it had welcomed in over 5 million new players across all Fallout titles.

The vast majority of us have likely chosen Fallout 4 as our game of choice, perhaps drawn in by the title’s recent new-gen update.

Well if you are currently journeying through the wasteland, you may want to make note of this unmarked location that most of us likely will have missed.

We played snog, marry, irradiate with the cast of Fallout. Take a look below.

As reported by GameRant, this tidbit of information was brought to light by Reddit user ryougihan who referred to the locale as, “One of my favourite little unmarked places in Fallout 4”.

The location in question overlooks the Commonwealth Wasteland and features a building with a generous supply of fuel tanks along with three funnel shoots to place them in. It’s not too far from Fort Hagen.

You may already see where I’m heading with this. It’s heaps of fun to drop the fuel tanks into those funnels, sending them flying off into the distance.

It’s not a game-changing discovery but we all need to engage in a bit of open-world silly goosery from time to time.

Be warned though. That kind of behaviour comes with a few risks.

“Went there once, the first tank I shot made a 180 in the air back into the cabin, blowing everything inside including me in a thousand pieces,” wrote moistyshrimps.

“That's why I love that location. Playing with gas containers in a building of gas containers is surprisingly dangerous. The entire minigame is an explosive version of Russian roulette with a bit of skill involved too,” added gugfitufi.

Yet another to-do to add to your next or current Fallout 4 playthrough.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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