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Fallout 2 remake teased in beautiful new trailer

Fallout 2 remake teased in beautiful new trailer

How stunning does this remake look?

The number of games in need of a remake grows every day. Still, while there’s plenty of titles we can think of that need a contemporary revival, one of the obvious games is Fallout 2.

When it comes to Fallout, the newer games tend to get the most love, simply as they’re so fresh in gamers’ minds. However, the sequel to the original game is an underrated game that has been screaming out for a remake for some time now.

Obviously, Bethesda is focused on other content, so it’s fallen to the fandom to make this dream come true.

We've all been wondering it: who would the Fallout cast snog, marry, irradiate if they had to?

Project Arroyo is an ambitious labour of love, but one that’s showing incredible promise and progress. “We are shrinking the areas of little significance (such as empty desert areas), [while] at the same time expanding the existing locations of Fallout 2,” the creators explain.

They continue, “So that they feel just as important as they were in the original game; making the seamless playable area to be around twice the size of Fallout 4’s.” If their words haven’t convinced you, the comparison between the original and remake definitely will.

“Incredible. Fallout 2 is my all-time favourite entry in the franchise and the love you guys are putting into it is beyond words. Please don't stop,” praised an impressed fan.

It’s a fantastic time to be a Fallout fan – the upcoming series will soon air, not ignoring the Fallout London expansion that’s starring one of Baldur’s Gate 3’s popular stars.

Returning to the promising Fallout 2 remake, the developers have also hinted that once cut content will return, but “not in a way you’d think”. It looks and sounds extremely exciting.

However, if you long for something to sink your teeth into right now, there’s Fallout: Horizon that’ll give your experience a new-gen overhaul. Best of all, it’s a free download. Huzzah!

We genuinely can’t wait to play this remake for ourselves.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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