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Elden Ring: Unalloyed Malenia free download turns the challenge up to impossible

Elden Ring: Unalloyed Malenia free download turns the challenge up to impossible

We're not sure if you're brave or stupid, we just hope you survive this battle

Elden Ring isn’t exactly an easy to beat game – no Souls-like games from FromSoftware ever are. However, for those who are gluttons for punishment, you can take the challenge and turn it all the way up to 11, aka impossible.

It’s not like the Elden Ring fandom is in need of reinvigorating at the moment, thanks to a recent update that has the community talking with hushed excitement. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you about how to make the Malenia Blade of Miquella boss fight even harder.

Why you’d want to cry yourself to sleep, we’re not sure, but we try not to judge other players on their quest to be punished while they play. The ‘Unalloyed Malenia’ mod is going to knock your socks off, possibly quite literally if you fail to defeat her.

Not only is the challenge increased compared with FromSoftware’s Malenia, but fans are saying that the modded Malenia is more “lore accurate”. To get a taste for how difficult this fight is going to be, we’ll point you in the direction of this comment from LukaRainestorm412 on Youtube: “With a lot of bosses, I tell myself, ‘They aren't really trying. I could do better with their powers’. And I think I finally found the one that is straight up trying to f**king murder you.”

Malenia isn’t a pushover, we can confirm. She isn’t unbeatable, however, your skills will be pushed past their limits in a battle you’ll not soon forget.

Ever watched an Elden Ring boss battle royale? You really should!

The modder – aptly named MiquellaTheUnaIloyed – behind this exceptionally difficult download has this forewarning for anyone foolish enough to enter the fight underprepared, “To be able to fight back this Malenia, you need to know the vanilla battle perfectly.” They continue, “Of course, I highly do not recommend this mod if you have only successfully completed vanilla Malenia a few times.”

You’ve been warned. Furthermore, the modder also provides a link to an easier, less taxing Malenia mod if you want to change up the experience without losing your mind over it.

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware

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