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Dark Souls 3 with guns is one of the best things I've ever seen

Dark Souls 3 with guns is one of the best things I've ever seen

Dark Souls with guns? Yes please

Dark Souls fans can’t really complain in the same way that their Bloodborne counterparts might.

This legendary FromSoftware series received three entries and while, yes, Dark Souls 2 is widely considered to be the worst of the bunch, it has the advantage of being a game that exists.

Bloodborne fans, meanwhile, can only dream of what it’s like to play a sequel.

What I’m saying is that out of all of FromSoftware’s IPs, Dark Souls is perhaps the one least likely in need of additional content and yet, that’s exactly what I’m bringing you today.

If you know the series, particularly Dark Souls 3, like the back of your hand having replayed the instalment with a number of different builds, this one’s for you.

NexusMods user asasasasabc has created the fantastic ‘Modern Firearm’ mod which transforms Dark Souls 3 into “Call of Souls”.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is set to land very soon. Take a look at the expansion in action below.

This mod does exactly as the title suggests, it adds guns into Dark Souls 3, completely revolutionising the gameplay.

Naturally, this isn’t going to be to everyone’s tastes. In some cases, the old ways are indeed the best but if you’ve fully exhausted all the variety that Dark Souls 3 has to offer, you might find something fun and rewarding here.

“Kind of got inspired by both Dark Souls and Bloodborne together. They're really fascinating games that captured my interest in medieval and old times in a dark fantasy sort of way,” the mod’s creator wrote.

The mod replaces all crossbows with automatic and semi-automatic weapons, with adjusted animations, fire rates, preparation times, and VFX to match.

It’s entirely free to download from NexusMods but it goes without saying that you will need to be playing Dark Souls 3 on PC.

If you simply would rather wait for Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion to drop, we recently had the opportunity to go hands on with the DLC.

GAMINGbible’s Ewan Moore said, “I'm delighted to report that after three hours with Elden Ring's upcoming Shadow Of The Erdtee expansion, Miyazaki and FromSoftware hate you more than ever. This is a brutal new adventure that builds on everything that made the base game great, and is absolutely filled with the very best kinds of rotten tricks.”

The expansion launches on 21 June.

Featured Image Credit: asasasasabc via NexusMods

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