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Payday 3 offline mode confirmed, but you need to be online to access it

Payday 3 offline mode confirmed, but you need to be online to access it

Say what now?

Someone really needs to figure out what offline mode means...

Yes, you read that right; Payday 3 is finally getting the offline mode fans have been requesting, but you’ll need to be online to use it.

After its player rate dropped shockingly low despite being so new, it doesn’t bode well for the experience that this highly requested feature is off to such a rocky start.

Remember when we were thrilled by the Payday 3 gameplay reveal?

To make matters worse, there’s said to be more players enjoying Payday 2 than Payday 3. Ooft.

As shared on Reddit, “Payday 3 is finally getting an offline mode... that you need to be online to access: Payday 3's long-awaited offline mode is close, but it's not going to work the way you expect it to – for now, at least.”

The VG247 article this information comes from explains, “One of the biggest criticisms Payday 3 faced at launch is its lack of a true offline mode [...] Unfortunately, the mode intended to be enjoyed without relying on an internet connection or servers… does require both still.”

It continues, “To launch the Solo Mode beta, you’re going to need to connect to a server. At the end of your session, a connection will also be required to upload your progress.”

Such an oxymoron cannot stand without hefty criticism, and Reddit has that in spades. User arbiter_steven said, “It's called Online Offline Mode,” accompanied by three laughing emoji.

However, as others mention, this is simply one iteration of the feature and by no means the final result.

“It's called solo mode, and it's the first iteration before they bring the true offline mode,” reasoned TJGM further down in the comments.

Although we understand this is beta, it’s hilarious that something offering an offline mode isn’t offline.

Undoubtedly, this is why the developers are so hellbent on referring to the feature as 'solo mode’ rather than offline mode.

Featured Image Credit: Deep Silver

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