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Super Mario 64 player beats the game without using the A button after almost 28 years

Super Mario 64 player beats the game without using the A button after almost 28 years

Super Mario 64 without jumping? It's more likely than you'd think

A popular speedrun challenge for Super Mario 64 has been finally beaten after almost 28 years, and it's a challenge that not many players would even attempt to try in the slightest.

The Super Mario 64 A Button Challenge basically concerns the amount of times that a player jumps in the game. The less the player uses the A button, the less they jump, and the better they do in the A Button Challenge itself.

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Using a series of glitches, secrets and more, fans have discovered more and more ways to reduce exactly how many A button presses you actually need to do in the game. Usually, you do have to press the button a few times to beat the game, but the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console version of the game allows for players to complete it without using the A button once, and without remapping any buttons whatsoever.

Twitch streamer Marbler achieved the gruelling goal, though it took him a long time to do so, with his run lasting for over 86 hours (that's over three days total). Just eight months ago, Marbler also beat the game by using the A Button only once, making this new record an incredible milestone that not only is unlikely to be replicated anytime soon, but also is going to be remembered in the annals of speedrunning history for years to come.

Of course, Mario might not be happy with the fact it took him 82 hours to save his once and future ladylove Princess Peach, especially since she baked him a cake at the very start of the game and it'll have gone bad by now.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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