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Pokémon fans lose it over hidden trick I wish I'd known about years ago

Pokémon fans lose it over hidden trick I wish I'd known about years ago

Every day, you learn something new

We might be about to blow your minds, and for that, we can only apologise. But after decades of being Pokémon trainers, it’s only right you know the truth...

Let us preface this article by saying, once you know this hidden Pokémon trick, it’s going to really annoy you that you didn’t use it sooner.

Have you seen the interview we did with Veronica Taylor?

It’s an obvious feature when you think about it, yet I can honestly say I never bothered to use this trick.

Did you know you can cut grass?

Listen, we know it sounds like the most obvious element of gameplay considering you use Cut to chop down trees. But few of us thought to start full on mowing the grass with the HM/TM (depending on the gen you play) as well.

This revelation (shush, naysayers) has caught other trainers off guard as well. And even those who had already taken up the side quest of being a gardener when not beating gyms, couldn’t help but smile.

“Beautiful video! Had a smile on my face the whole time!” commented @notsoAceTrainer on YouTube. “Here's to bringing overworld grass-cutting back!”

Still, even those in-the-know only discovered this trick by accident while exploring Nintendo’s acclaimed franchise.

“I figured it out a long time ago by mis-clicking Cut instead of the option above. It was cool and I use it a lot now,” revealed another fan.

While we’re not rushing back into our collection of classic Pokémon adventures just to try this feature out, it’s nice knowing the option is there if we feel like going fully Monty Don.

Should tending to the land be of interest to you – but you want to keep the cute critters, too – a new Steam game is the perfect blend of Stardew Valley and Pokémon.

To cut grass or not to cut grass, that is the question for all trainers now.

Featured Image Credit: The Pokémon Company

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