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Pokémon meets Stardew Valley in new free Steam download, available now

Pokémon meets Stardew Valley in new free Steam download, available now

A new cosy adventure begins

A new age of monster catching is upon us, thanks to this upcoming Steam release.

Think of this new free Steam download as a mix of Pokémon and Stardew Valley; it has cutesy critters, as well as land to till.

As a cosy loving gamer, my heart is fit to burst looking at its adorable art style.

Ova Magica is “inspired by the classics”.

How adorable does Ova Magica look? We can't wait to play!

Your latest journey into a vibrant new world is just over a month away. But what awaits you in this Top Hat Studios title?

“After moving to take care of a farmstead in a quaint little hamlet called Clover Town, you're introduced to something that changes your life forever: Blobs!”

The synopsis continues, “Blobs are cute, wobbly, and rotund creatures which hatch from eggs. Treat them with care and they can become your greatest companions.”

PC players will be able to collect these gloopy creatures, as well as breed them – even the eggs are extremely reminiscent of Pokémon.

Yet, lest you think it a cheap imitation; Ova Magica has much original magic to offer its players as well, as highlighted by its exuberant visuals.

As if that wasn’t thrilling enough for all you JRPG loving cosy farmers, there are romance options galore as well! Oh yes, you’ll be able to find love while you search for Blobs, if you so wish.

We’re already convinced this upcoming game is going to take over our lives in the best of ways. But if you’re still undecided, you can download and play Ova Magica’s demo for free.

Ova Magica is due to launch in early access on 23 July on Steam only. However, don’t be dismayed, as the game is due to fully release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox as well in 2025.

Featured Image Credit: Top Hat Studios

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