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Nintendo takes legal action against a Pokémon copy, but it's not Palworld

Nintendo takes legal action against a Pokémon copy, but it's not Palworld

Nintendo is not to be trifled with, unless you're Palworld, then you may continue

Since Palworld’s launch, we’ve been waiting for some kind of intervention to come from The Pokémon Company, but none have. Threats of “investigation” have been made, but beyond that Palworld is allowed to steam on ahead, amassing more players.

Nonetheless, don’t be fooled into thinking The Pokémon Company will just sit back and take any abuse of its property lying down; although it’s not taking legal action against Palworld, it is taking action against another Pokémon copy, as reported by GamesRadar. And just when you thought our listicle of the Pokémon most likely to sue Palworld was weird, now you see the genius of it.

No one can escape Palworld, not anymore...

Under the scornful eyes of Nintendo is PokeZoo, a new IP that isn’t even attempting to shy away from the fact that it’s simply copy and pasted Pokémon creation. If you thought Palworld was taking the Mick, look at PokeZoo and tell us it isn’t worse. We’ll wait.

Given how blatant the copy is, we doubt the so-called creators behind this soon-to-be terminated IP are surprised that legal action is being brought against them – they even reference Pokémon in some of its website content.


It would seem that The Pokémon Company is taking its ire out of others because it’s going to struggle to stop the runaway train that is Palworld. As of this moment, the new PC and Xbox game is the second in Steam’s history to hit two million concurrent players, not ignoring how well it was received on launch day.

Still, not all is well with Palworld, with players warning about saves being ‘bricked’ after installing the latest update. Before everyone panics, this only appeared on an Xbox subreddit, meaning PC players might be okay, but still, remain cautious when installing the update.

For now, Palworld continues on unscathed and free to keep making gamers horny over Lovander, while The Pokémon Company destroys PokeZoo’s card trading “fourth wall breaking” experience. We’d say we’re sad about it, but that would be a lie. Much like PokeZoo being original, really.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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