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Palworld player issues warning after latest update 'bricked' their save

Palworld player issues warning after latest update 'bricked' their save

The latest Palworld update is causing issues

Palworld, the game being spoken about across the gaming sphere, has just received a new update bringing the game up to 1.1.2. Unfortunately, one player is reporting on Reddit that their save file has now been ‘bricked’.

The player came to Reddit saying, “Just a warning to anyone met with the 1.1.2 update prompt for Palworld - it may brick your save game like it did mine.” It’s worth noting that this issue has popped up in the Xbox Game Pass subreddit, so it may not be a problem on PC. Of course, Palworld is an early access title so some bugs should be expected, but it doesn’t take away the sting of having to start from scratch or search out a fix.

Palworld is still in early access and will be for some months to come.

It sounds like the player’s save file has corrupted, which was a recent problem on Xbox for Baldur’s Gate 3. That took a few weeks to fix, but hopefully, if this issue becomes prevalent, Microsoft and Pocket Pair Inc. will swiftly get a fix in place. As it stands, this could just be a one-off as we’re not aware of anyone else reporting this problem.

It’s no surprise that Reddit has a variety of responses, from the helpful, to the silver linings. One user asked if the game was a multiplayer enable save file saying, “Try starting a new multiplayer world and once it loads return to the title screen and attempt to load your save. Works for me.” While another chose to look on the bright side by saying, “Well if I need to start anew, I'm gonna make a way better base.” As someone who has restarted their Palworld playthrough a few times, those opening few hours are great fun, so I’m with this latter commenter. It still sucks to lose a save file though.

Featured Image Credit: Pocket Pair Inc.

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