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Nintendo Switch update removes one of our favourite features for good

Nintendo Switch update removes one of our favourite features for good

Gone too soon

There’s much to love about the Nintendo Switch despite its age, but unfortunately, one of the features we so love has been removed.

Integration with Twitter (or X, if you really feel the need to call it that) has been discontinued following the latest Nintendo software update.

While we mourn the loss, it’s fair to say that the writing was on the wall; both Microsoft and Sony have already done away with this feature, leaving the Nintendo Switch the last to do so.

While we mourn a loss, we celebrate a huge gain as well. Check out the latest Game Boy drop on the Nintendo Switch for June.

There was also ample warning that this was happening, after Nintendo shared the news via its support pages.

Still, the inevitability of its removal doesn’t make it easier for the numerous players who utilised its accessibility.

Not all social media integration has been culled though, as users who still directly upload to Facebook can continue to do so. Speculation points the finger at cost, however, such a claim has yet to be confirmed or denied.

You’d think people would be devastated, yet Reddit’s discussion turned to Twitter’s questionable name change rather than debating the loss of this favourite feature.

Those who are more preoccupied with the update rather than Musk’s choices, have been posting about the loss of this “core” feature.

“One of the core memories from my childhood was using Twitter on the DSI's web browser before I had a smart phone, good times!” said AncientRuler777.

Another Redditor said, “Welp, there goes the whole reason why I created my Twitter account in the first place.”

It doesn’t matter if you used the feature often or not at all, its passing is still sad to see, especially when so many of us used to religiously share content on social media to show progress and/or make new friends.

RIP Nintendo’s Twitter integration, it was fun while it lasted.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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