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Nintendo Switch adds 3 new free games you can download today

Nintendo Switch adds 3 new free games you can download today

The SNES I know the better

I think we can all agree that the way video games have advanced over the last few decades is remarkable, but that progress certainly has its downsides.

Gamers currently live in a world of live service products, microtransactions, and increasingly expensive products. And while I'm not saying everything in the games industry was better way back when, it was certainly a simpler time in a lot of ways.

Take a look at some of the most iconic moments from The Legend Of Zelda franchise below:

If you feel like reminding yourself of a simpler time this weekend, Nintendo Switch owners can currently get their hands on three classic games for free. More or less, anyway.

Subscribers to Nintendo Switch Online can now add three retro delights from the SNES days to their digital collection: Wrecking Crew '98, Amazing Hebereke, Super R-Type.

Of the three, Amazing Hebereke is the one I'm least familiar with, though in my defence the SNES was well before my time. From what I can see it's basically a top-down beat 'em up with a cast of colourful characters. It also supports four players, if you fancy a night of retro gaming fun.

Super R-Type is a game I know very well, and have a lot of time for. It's a slick side-scrolling shooter in which you blast aliens to smithereens while collecting powerups and fighting screen-filling bosses. It absolutely slaps.

Finally, Wrecking Crew '98 is a puzzle platformer starring some guy called Mario. Not sure whatever happened to him. Interestingly, Mario's role as a construction worked in Wrecking Crew is what inspired Wreck It Ralph. The game's Foreman Spike also made a cameo in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

There you go, you got the lowdown on the latest free Nintendo games and learned something. What more could you possibly want from me?

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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