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Nintendo drops fresh batch of freebies you can download and keep now

Nintendo drops fresh batch of freebies you can download and keep now

Don't miss out Nintendo fans

Nintendo Switch users can now claim several new freebies, including ones that Splatoon fans won’t want to miss out on.

Before you get too excited Nintendo is handing out free copies of Splatoon 3, or one of its DLC packs, that’d be far too generous, but it’s still a freebie worth checking out.

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As I’m sure most Nintendo Switch fans will know, while you’re playing games you slowly build up a balance of digital currency, including platinum points for completing challenges and gold points for making purchases.

While the gold points are used exclusively for discounts on digital software, the platinum points can be redeemed for a range of awesome freebies, including physical rewards and digital customisation options for your profile.

Nintendo recently updated its offering to now include a wide range of digital icons inspired by the Splatoon series, including some gorgeous, original art of some of the game’s most well-known characters, as well as some average inklings and octolings.

These are going for 10 platinum points each, which is nothing considering how much you rack up for completing challenges, like playing online games, playing Nintendo Switch Online titles, and more.

You can use them to make a new profile picture for yourself, though if you’re not the biggest fan of Splatoon there are always other games to claim icons of, including Animal Crossing and whatever new title is all the rage, like Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door the other week.

These icons won’t be around forever, so if there are any that you fancy or you just like collecting them all, now’s the time to grab them, as there’s no guarantee they’ll ever return.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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