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Nintendo quietly releases 6 Switch games you can download free

Nintendo quietly releases 6 Switch games you can download free

Enjoy these 6 classic titles now

Nintendo Switch Online has quietly been updated with six new games that subscribers can now enjoy for free.

Compared to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch Online is easily the most reasonably priced gaming subscription service out there.

A year will set you back just £17.99 for a basic subscription, or £34.99 for the pricier + Expansion Pack option.

A year of PlayStation Plus or Game Pass can cost you a triple-figure sum.

Yes, Nintendo Switch Online doesn’t provide access to new releases, but it’s perfect for those of us who love revisiting favourites of yesteryear.

The latest additions are all in the NES library, which is available to subscribers of the standard version of Nintendo Switch Online so without further ado, allow me to dive into the line-up.

ICYMI: The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom will launch on Nintendo Switch on 26 September.

First up is 1984’s Urban Champion, a 1v1 fighting game that sees the player attempt to knock their opponent into a sewer manhole.

It’s a relatively simple premise but there’s a 99-second time limit and you only have 200 hit points, so throw your punches wisely.

1985’s Golf has also been added, as has 1985’s Mach Rider.

Golf is, you guessed it, a golf simulator and was the best-selling sports game on the original NES.

Fun fact, the golfer was once confirmed to be Mario in a gameplay guidebook published by Nintendo so some editions of the game feature the famous Italian plumber on the cover.

Mach Rider is a vehicular combat racing game that sees players, yes, race to the finish line. There’s not a fat lot more to this one.

1983’s Donkey Kong Junior Math features a familiar face, although it’s hardly the most thrilling entry in the Donkey Kong franchise.

In this educational platformer, players will essentially try and reach Donkey Kong who’s holding up a number by platforming to the numbers that form an equation that equals Donkey Kong’s answer.

It won’t surprise you to know that the game didn’t sell well.

1989’s Cobra Triangle and 1990’s Solar Jetman round us out.

Cobra Triangle is another racer, although this time we’re talking boats instead of land vehicles, while Solar Jetman is a multi-directional shooter where players assume the role of space explorer Jetman.

All games are available to enjoy now.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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