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Nicki Minaj has officially joined Call Of Duty

Nicki Minaj has officially joined Call Of Duty

Prepare to get stepped on, baddies

Never thought I’d write this, but Nicki Minaj is now in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone. Honestly, that’s the wildest sentence I’ve written to date, but it’s factually accurate, so we move.

Okay, so we’ve technically known about Minaj joining the game as an Operator since July, but that doesn’t make seeing that fluorescent pink hair in-game any less unsettling. And that’s not because we’re not fans of Minaj, we’re simply just used to our war games being more about war and less about hip hop.

Speaking of Call of Duty, Modern Warfare III just got a new gameplay trailer.

If you’ve been waiting for the Minaj playable Operator to become a reality since its announcement, that wait is finally over. The badass singer has stepped into the game in spectacular fashion, bringing a whole host of in-your-face pink weaponry along for the ride. With names like 'The Baddest' and 'Super Freaky', you just know these guns are going to slay enemies left, right, and centre. When the singer isn’t stepping on people herself, that is.

Oh yes, if you’ve ever wanted to watch Nicki Minaj slam her heels into the back of your CoD foes, you’re in luck (also, that’s a weirdly specific fantasy), because her finishing move ‘Get Bodied’ is something to behold. I didn’t realise I needed such an image in my life, but now it’s burned into my brain forever; I could weep with joy. I’ll need to dry my tears quickly, though, because there are several other finishing moves for us to witness, like some roundhouse kicks and brutal karate chops. In short, Nicki Minaj came to destroy.

As fun as this all is, some of you may be wondering why the singer is in the game at all. It’s the game’s way of marking its ‘50 Years of Hip Hop Celebration’, which will also see Snoop Dogg become a playable Operator too. Should you want to get any of this content, the cosmetics are available now. And worry not, anything you purchase will be carried across to Modern Warfare III.

You can begin making your Call of Duty playthroughs more entertaining right now, with both the Nicki Minaji and Snoop Dogg cosmetics available. Just visit the in-game store and all your hip hop dreams will become reality.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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