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New Halo game officially announced, will release this year

New Halo game officially announced, will release this year

Master Chief is returning to us, but not as you know it

Master Chief is returning after it’s been announced that a new game will be released later this year.

Although a new game is already in development using the Unreal Engine, given how… turbulent… the franchise has been in recent years, it’s only fitting that fans approach any news of a new game with caution.

Perhaps this is why Halo is trying to break into the miniature tabletop industry yet again, in the hopes of avoiding previous mistakes from its video game outings. It’s very exciting to see Mantic Games pair up with the publisher behind such an iconic series, yet few details were released to tell players what to expect.

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Although details are thin right now, we know that there’ll be a range of 40mm figures, including Master Chief (of course), a move that’ll make Halo’s models larger than anything seen in Warhammer games.

What is more, players will be able to team up in multiplayer battles to offer “team combat game experience” that the creators believe will entertain both veteran and new players alike. According to Mantic CEO Ronnie Renton, “Having a firefight play out on the table while moving Spartans in and out of cover connects players to the action in a new and special way.”

Fortunately, that “special way” isn’t hidden behind any crowdfunding campaign as the new game will be released straight into stores in September, meaning fans don’t have long to wait to see Master Chief crush it in miniature.

We’re thrilled to see Halo attempt to break into this market again, we just hope it fares better than previous attempts that died a painfully quick death. However, tabletop popularity has increased rapidly over the last few years, so there’s hope that the fans are now ready for tabletop Halo.

If we don’t see you beforehand, we’ll be back in September to share our miniature adventures with you.

Featured Image Credit: Bungie Inc.

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