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New Far Cry game appears online, looks like a real departure for series

New Far Cry game appears online, looks like a real departure for series

A dawning of a new Far Cry age looks to be on the horizon

A new Far Cry game is reportedly in the works and, well, it’s a massive departure from what’s gone before. So much so that fans are unsure whether to be elated by the news or just plain concerned.

The Far Cry franchise has suffered from a lot of misplaced hate, mostly from the fans themselves, who have admitted that they’ve got it wrong in the past. Not only do they begrudgingly concede they hated on Far Cry 6 too hastily, but they also agree that they've not given enough credit to the underrated Far Cry Primal.

In short, Far Cry has been a mixed bag of an experience since Far Cry 3. Hopefully, with news of Captain Laserhawk Niji Warrior having appeared online, a new era for the series will be ushered in.

Let's throw it back to the Far Cry 6 teaser

The limited details surrounding this news have spread since Game Rant reported that a new Ubisoft game is actually a Far Cry spin-off. According to the report, the new game is a spin-off of Netflix’s critically acclaimed Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix, which technically makes it a “spin-off of a spin-off” as the Netflix show was influenced by Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Arguably, it’s this loose connection to previous games that has fans uncertain of what to make of this news. “Blood Dragon was cool but it’s weird they’re [Ubisoft] trying to make it a whole thing a decade later. There was Far Cry BD in 2013, then the Trials game in 2016, then nothing… now a TV series and possible game? Weird,” said one cautious fan.

Despite this unease, some are looking forward to seeing what this title has to offer, especially since they thought the TV show was “pretty good”. Still, with microtransactions rumoured, and only PC mentioned as a “target platform”, there are a lot of details still up in the air that make this news difficult to swallow.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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