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Need For Speed Underground 2 new-gen remaster stuns, you can download free now

Need For Speed Underground 2 new-gen remaster stuns, you can download free now

Want to return to the 00s NFS way of life? This remaster is how you do just that

Missing the good ol’ days of the Need for Speed franchise comes with the territory of being a fan; although the newer titles have been decent, the classics are where the real power of the series lies.

One popular Need for Speed title that’s considered a standout star, especially when it comes to its music, is Need for Speed Underground 2. As far as fans are concerned, its soundtrack is unmatched.

Fans wanting to relive the hype of those early 00s days can do so by downloading, for free, a remastered version of this iconic experience.

How good does this Need for Speed Underground 2 remaster look?

It doesn’t look quite as amazing as its contemporary Need for Speed counterparts, but this Underground 2 revamp definitely brings the game back to life. “Man, its cooooool!!!!!!!!” posted one overexcited fan.

Another simply said, “Hell yeah.”

Granted, these aren’t gushing words from in awe fans, however, they do highlight how happy fans are to be able to play this game with “insanely modded” graphics.

For players longing for a more refined new-gen remaster, there are other fan-made projects that you’ll want to check out – like the stunning Unreal Engine 5 remake of Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Still, out of those two titles, it’s Need for Speed Underground 2 that’s desperately crying out for a remake, so sayeth the fandom. Despite not being the remake everyone wants, this remaster does give us a small glimpse at what that could look like.

Remember, if you want to play the remaster for yourselves – not just watch it – you can download this Digital Dreams mod for free. A full list of the modder’s other creations is linked in the YouTube in the NFS Underground 2 remaster video.

Some may say the game “has not aged well”, but it still “looks so good for PS2 game”.

Featured Image Credit: Digital Dreams - Youtube

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