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Hogwarts Legacy: Magic Awaits trailer leaves fans seriously impressed

Hogwarts Legacy: Magic Awaits trailer leaves fans seriously impressed

Hogwarts Legacy fans are both impressed and surprised by the latest Magic Awaits trailer.

Hogwarts Legacy is finally set to launch on Nintendo Switch in just a couple of days, on 14 November to be exact.

It’s a day that some fans were concerned might never come. Hogwarts Legacy’s Switch port was delayed several times. Some then feared it might be cancelled for good after it failed to feature during the last Nintendo Direct which focused on games releasing in the remainder of 2023. Thankfully, those concerns turned out to be needless. I’m sure many Hogwarts Legacy fans will be thrilled to see the game land on Switch because that means that devs might finally have the opportunity to focus on a potential sequel or expansion. Let’s not forget that PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S players received the game back in February. For anyone who thought that the Switch version might be inferior though, the latest ‘Magic Awaits’ trailer is seriously impressing fans.

Take a look at Hogwarts Legacy’s new ‘Magic Awaits’ trailer, with all footage captured on the Nintendo Switch.

Many wondered if the Switch was capable of running Hogwarts Legacy. After all, we saw significant adjustments made to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. Loading screens were inserted and external castle bridges were transformed into internal corridors, cutting down on the demanding need to load vast locations. I’d imagine we’ll continue to see such changes in the Switch version, but the graphics are far better than many of us expected.

The new ‘Magic Awaits’ trailer may not be as crisp as what we’ve seen on other consoles, but it’s very much passable - and if the game runs well, Switch players could be in for a treat. The trailer does mainly focus on cutscenes though. I’m intrigued to see the gameplay in action a bit more.

“Having all [of] this on a cartridge running on a seven year old tablet is magic within itself,” read one comment on YouTube, while another added, “Props for them showing the actual footage on Switch.” One comment said, “Honestly, the game looks a lot better than I or anyone expected. Problem is now I wonder how it’ll run if it looks so [good]. Guess we got to wait and see.” My thoughts exactly.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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