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Hogwarts Legacy fans shouldn't miss this adorable RPG

Hogwarts Legacy fans shouldn't miss this adorable RPG

As adorable as some creatures in Hogwarts Legacy are, they're not as cute as this RPG

Hogwarts Legacy isn’t exactly a big game, and while it’s got replayability, after several playthroughs you might be interested in trying something new. But what will fill the gap such a magical RPG leaves behind?

Currently, Steam has an adorable RPG available to purchase that has “very positive” reviews, with an average nine out of 10 score from players. The story is one of magic too, following a group of troublesome teens grappling with their magical abilities, while accidentally stumbling on secrets best left alone. It has all the hallmarks of a wizarding dream, not least of all because, as the devs state, “Cats. Everywhere”.

Explore Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy if you're already desperate to return to school!

Ikenfell is simply adorable. Although it utilises a pixel art aesthetic instead of a more realistic one, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deliver all the charm and allure of Hogwarts Legacy. Besides, do you want to play a game exactly the same as the one before? As much as I love comfort gaming where I replay my favourite titles, I also like changing it up and exploring new things too.

As well as a must-play for Hogwarts Legacy fans, I’d also say this is one to try for gamers who enjoyed Sea of Stars, Undertale, Moonstone Island, and other such titles. In short, there’s a lot here for even the most picky player to enjoy, though I know some of you will go out of your way to prove me wrong just because you can.

Of course, if you still need to return to Hogwarts after traversing Ikenfell, there are plenty of secrets and/or expansions to uncover, as well as an 8GB update on the way. There’s also a wonderfully spooky DLC that will help warm your dark hearts if you’re already missing the haunting chill of Halloween.

When you’re magically inclined, there’s no end of options out there for you to explore – test your spells as a returning student to one of the most well-known wizarding schools, or venture out to academies unknown. Let magic guide the way.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games

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