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Helldivers 2 update lets you get into games much quicker

Helldivers 2 update lets you get into games much quicker

You can now get geared up and shipped out more quickly

What was life like before Helldivers 2? Seriously, we can’t recall anything before the utter mayhem as we “fight for freedom”.

Surely our social media feeds can’t be the only ones frequently throwing up memes of people running for their lives, the hashtag for Helldivers 2 attached? Our very own Sam Cawley described the game as “intergalactic cooperative chaos”; he hit the nail firmly on the head with that one.

The force of this action-packed ride is being especially felt by the spouses of those braving the wild world of Helldivers, with one wife setting up a “support group” for partners affected by this game.

Not tried Helldivers 2 yet? Check out the trailer to see if it's one for you

But amongst the joyous bedlam there’s been niggling issues that have kept players from experiencing the full throttle intensity of Helldivers 2. Thankfully, the latest update (for both PC and PlayStation 5) is tackling one of those problems, thus ensuring that its players can throw themselves into the line of fire much quicker. This isn’t the previous free update that we told you about mere days ago, this is update 1.000.11.

For anyone who hasn’t previously experienced the Helldivers 2 servers, they were a mess. So many gamers were scared to lose their place that they were leaving themselves logged in just to avoid missing out when duty called. The blindingly obvious problem with this was that it prevented other people from joining.

Fans immediately called on the devs to address the problem, which the devs have now done in the latest patch. Arrowhead Game Studios is nothing if not committed to making this thrilling shooter work. Now any player who is idle for 15 minutes or more will be sent back to the title screen, thus allowing others to partake in the entertaining madness of it all.

Here’s the full rundown of the fixes in this patch:

  • Fixed multiple crashes triggered when joining other players’ ships
  • Fixed crash triggered when exiting ADS
  • Fixed crash triggered when players leave a session while bombardments are active
  • Fixed issue where online missions in Galactic War Map were unselectable
  • Fixed issue with GameGuard and Steam’s “verify integrity” step
  • Fixed issue with GameGuard and the Windows firewall
  • Fixed issue preventing access to Ship Management panel
  • Fixed issue causing players to get stuck in the defrosting or in the ship intro cinematic
  • Fixed crash triggered when the process of buying Super Credits fails
  • Fixed crash triggered after consecutive quickplay attempts
  • Implemented a functionality that will kick players who remain idle for 15 minutes back to the title screen

There are some other issues that still need tackling, however. If you want to learn about them, they’re listed in the patch notes for patch 1.000.11. And with that, we’re going to gear up and ship out for more mayhem. Godspeed!

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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