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GTA 6 latest trailer is hiding a very sneaky detail you might have missed

GTA 6 latest trailer is hiding a very sneaky detail you might have missed

How did we ever miss this detail???

The GTA VI fandom never sleeps, only ever replaying the trailer over and over to find more elaborate details for us to overanalyse. Sometimes what’s found isn’t all that interesting, but the latest discovery is a subtle yet intriguing detail that could make for an entertaining experience upon launch.

Now, bear with us because this sneaky detail will initially sound like an outlandish claim, but it has real potential once you get past the absurdity of it.

In the GTA VI trailer, a fan has spotted a bus stop amongst the countless other images we’re bombarded with. Seemingly insignificant, I grant you, but upon closer inspection, it feels a little too specific to not hypothesise that public transport might be open to us when the game releases.

Go back and see if you spot this almost hidden GTA VI detail

“I noticed that the bus stop sign is a bit TOO detailed for something we can't use,” reasons the OP of the subreddit, red string in hand. “Big and visible with the words looking like they'd actually be legible [...] Could it be that after all these years, we FINALLY get a working bus network?”

We’re not sure about you, but we’ve never been desperate for Rockstar Games to provide public transport in any GTA title, though we get it would make for some hilarious NPC encounters.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time a bus has been available to players, as one fan was quick to remind us. “Vice City had this feature, busses would stop for peds and if you stole a bus and went to the bus stop they would get in and you could roleplay as a bus driver. I spent hours doing this as a kid…”

Clearly, the time was very well spent. In all honesty, though, in the list of various things we want to be true, a rideable bus isn’t top. Not that we’d say no to the opportunity if this blind hope turns out to be true.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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