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GTA 6 is 'worth the wait', GTA 5 actor promises fans

GTA 6 is 'worth the wait', GTA 5 actor promises fans

GTA 5 Michael De Santa actor, Ned Luke, has assured GTA 6 fans that the game will be "worth the wait".

There are so many incredible games set to be released in the remainder of this year. Starfield, Mortal Kombat 1, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Alan Wake 2, Assassin’s Creed Mirage … I could go on. Grand Theft Auto VI is a title I’m sure fans were wishing was on that roster but you know what’s coming. We still have no clue when the highly anticipated title is set to release.

It’s still total radio silence on GTA VI from Rockstar. Fans were hoping it would make an appearance at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live - and it did, in the form of a stage crashing fan though. Rockstar confirmed they were working on the game back in February 2022, but it’s believed to have been in development for close to a decade. Last year saw the studio targeted by a major cyber attack. The leak seemingly confirmed that the game will feature dual Bonnie and Clyde style protagonists. Both 2024 and 2025 have been thrown around as potential release windows but one GTA actor is reassuring fans that the game is “worth the wait”.

Rockstar recently ported Red Dead Redemption to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Take a look below.

As reported by Dexerto, Ned Luke, who brought Michael De Santa to life in GTA V, shared a message with fans thanking them for their support. In the comments, one fan brought up GTA VI, writing, “That’s all we want. All of us that are waiting for and ask about it always get backlash. [It’s] us as GTA V fans that loved the game and put so much money into it and made it so successful. We get criticised for asking for a part six [after] playing the same game for nearly 10 years.”

To this, Ned said, “Gonna be worth the wait.” It’s hard to say whether the actor actually has any intel on the next instalment or whether he’s simply just confident in what Rockstar will next bring to the table.

We’ll surely hear some GTA VI news in 2024 seeing as parent-company Take-Two Interactive have been teasing a major profitable year. Hold in there GTA fans.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar

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